An Eternally Burning House Engulfed in Flames

Artist Carrie Schneider wondered what it would be like to see a house that stood endlessly against the blaze of fire. So she put that vision into action with her series Burning House. The images vary across seasons, weather, and times of day, but are consistent in composition as well as the eternally glowing house, seen at different stages of burning.

Across the course of two years, Schneider built a small 8×6 foot white house for each photograph, drove it to a lake in Wisconsin, and hauled it by canoe out to the tiny island. Meticulous care and planning went in to every image, and the process resulted in these uncanny, vibrant landscapes–a strong contrast of ferocious fire set against a meditative backdrop.

Monique Meloche Gallery explains, "The aggressive destruction of a symbol of domestic life resonates across cultures, touching on a universal fear of personal loss and helplessness. Yet, the house that stands unrelenting to the fire's constant attack can be read as an allegory for strength and stamina against a constant destructive energy."

The video that sits alongside these still images feels calm. There is a contemplative quality to the slow burn, set to a crackling, peaceful soundtrack. Schneider's work is showing at Monique Meloche Gallery through May 12, 2012.

Carrie Schneider's website
Monique Meloche Gallery
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December 2, 2016

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