Cartoon Candy Store

We’re seeing tons of exciting shop designs popping up these days. Who could forget D’Espresso’s mind-bending coffee shop, the Alice in Wonderland-inspired Tokyo restaurant or the funky 8-bit fashion store?

Here’s another one to add to the list. Next time you’re in Melbourne, Australia make sure to drop by this whimsical candy store! Launched at the end of last year, the Candy Room is based on the idea that an inner child lives inside all of us. Red Design Group came up with this concept. They took a small space of 450 square feet, painted it all white and then added black lines until they created a “lived in” home with everything from an organized kitchen to a littered laundry basket and a place for their pet cat!

Both for kids and the young at heart, the Candy Room is a sweet treat for all of its visitors. Owners Cristina Velardo and Leonie Schwetzer didn’t just want a simple shop, they wanted it to be a destination, an experience. They sure succeeded in this boutique style candy store that makes its visitors feel as though they’ve stepped into a cute cartoon world.

The Candy Room and Red Design Group website

December 7, 2016

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December 7, 2016

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