Casette Tapes: Art begets art.

It's strange to me that there are people of the legal drinking age that have never seen a cassette tape before. I remember 8-track. A teacher at my school had one in her Celica that we used to listen to when she'd give me a ride home. They only fit 8 songs per cartridge. Then the cassette tape came along a revolutionized music.For those of you readers who don't know what a cassette tape is, they're like CDs, except that they use record music onto a magnetic tape. They were awesome because you could fit an entire hour of music on them when they first came out, and later up to 3 hours. This was a big deal back then. Also, you could profess your love to a crush by making them a mixtape. Yes, you youngins with your CD burners aren't so badass after all, right?Anyway, iri5 has come up with a new way to turn the forgotten art (music) on old cassette tapes into something totally new.Jimi Hendrix

Bob Dylan

Marilyn Monroe

Robert DeNiro

Jim Morrison

Ian Curtis

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