May 19, 2017

National Geographic is Sharing Photos of Endangered Species This Summer to Help Save Their Lives

Happy Endangered Species Day! To celebrate this all-too-important holiday, Photo Ark—one of National Geographic‘s many prized projects—has teamed up with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America to present a cute, cuddly, and critical campaign. Aptly titled #SaveTogether, the movement calls attention to species whose futures are uncertain. The #SaveTogether campaign relies on a combination of social media and good, old-fashioned signage to educate and engage the public. Today, it kicks off with a “digital billboard takeover” in Times Square.

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April 26, 2017

Artist Shares an Eye with Animals in Stunning Self-Portrait Pairings

In 2016, Flora Borsi captivated us with Animeyed. In the ongoing series of stunning self-portraits, the Hungarian artist cleverly pairs her visage with various animals. Since our discovery, Borsi has added more striking shots to this collection of unique animal self-portraits, culminating in an increasingly enchanting project. Borsi's recent Animeyed additions continue to capture the artist's imaginative and inventive approach to portraiture. Like older hybrids, the more recent photographic manipulations depict the artist as she expertly embodies each of her creature co-stars.

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