July 20, 2017

Photographer Spends Years Taking Adorable Photos of Rats to Break the Stigma of Rodents

Pet photographer Diane Özdamar has been in love with pet rats as long as she can remember. She's been photographing these furry companions for years, hoping to break their grotesque stereotype with her cute, playful imagery. Fancy rats, the most common domesticated species of pet rat, are often compared to small dogs by their owners. This is due to their social and cuddly nature.

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July 13, 2017

Wildlife Photographer Stumbles Upon Extremely Rare “Pale Tiger” in India

Wildlife photographer Nilanjan Ray was in for a surprise when he recently visited the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in southern India with a forest guide. As they passed through, a curious looking “pale tiger” peered out from the forest, allowing Ray to snap these images of the incredibly rare beast. “It was raining on and off. The rain had stopped for a few minutes, and the sun was about to come out.

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July 9, 2017

2,000+ Years of Dogs in Art, From Ancient Mosaics to Instagram Selfies

Our four-legged friends are often the muses for art of all kinds. Of these creatures, dogs are one of the most popular subjects for painting, sculpture, and photography. Throughout art history, they’ve made appearances with members of the aristocracy, self portraits with famous creatives, and been immortalized as balloons—and that’s just a small fraction of the dog art that exists between the past and today.

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June 26, 2017

Smartphone Treat Holder Easily Attaches to Phone to Help Capture Great Pet Portraits

As any animal lover knows, capturing the perfect pet portrait is no easy task. Whether they're looking away or simply refuse to sit still, our four-legged friends are notoriously impatient models—unless, as Paw Champs has proven, food and fun are involved. That is why the pet-centric company has created Flexy Paw, a clever accessory that attaches treats and toys to your phone to capture and keep your pet's attention. Each Flexy Paw easily snaps onto the top of your smartphone or tablet.

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