July 3, 2017

8 Weeks Pregnant Pug Mix Stars in Own Floral Maternity Shoot

Thanks to social media, maternity shoots have nearly become a routine part of pregnancy. While many people may think that only humans pose for these pre-birth photo shoots, doting dog owners have proven otherwise. With the help from her owner, Elsa, pregnant pug mix Fusee has hopped on board the dog maternity shoot bandwagon with a delightful series of photos. To celebrate Fusee's pregnancy, Elsa asked her photographer friend Clayton Foshaug to snap some sweet and stylish photographs of the 8-weeks-pregnant dog.

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June 23, 2017

15 Heartwarming Winners From Dog Photographer Of The Year 2017

Man’s best friend is no stranger to the camera. Both professional photographers and enthusiastic amateurs alike snap countless pictures of their furry companions—and who could blame them? There is a nuance to our pets that's best captured with artful pet photography. Dogs—seemingly more so than other creatures—showcase their quirks in portraits akin to humans. To demonstrate their many sides, the annual Dog Photographer Of The Year competition recognizes some of the best in canine photography.

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