April 4, 2017

Cat Wiggles Through Box, Accidently Tries on a Stylish Set of Kitty-Sized Wigs

Boxes and cats go together like peanut butter and jelly. Where there’s a box, there’s probably a cat trying to fit inside of it—no matter how small. Japanese Scottish fold Maru has made a name for himself thanks to his affinity for these cardboard containers. Millions of people have watched his antics, and over the years, he's gained quite the following.

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March 21, 2017

Teen and Her Dog Showcase Incredible Bond by Performing Amazing Tricks Together

Most pet parents have a hard enough time teaching their dog to sit on command. But for 16-year-old Mary and her canine companion Secret, they're perfectly in sync. The two-year-old Australian Shepherd performs the ultimate dog tricks, with a repertoire so impressive that they'll make a human jealous. Mary says that she and Secret have been “learning tricks and chasing balls” since the end of 2014.

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