March 27, 2017

Black Mirrored Floor Makes Bookstore Entrance Look Like a Circular Tunnel of Books

Literature lovers, here’s another shop to add to your bookstore bucket list. Located in Zhen Yuan, China, Yangzhou Zhongshuge has an interior design that feels like something out of the movie Inception. The dizzying space contains a grand optical illusion that you only see once you’ve set foot inside. Its lobby is a cavernous tunnel that most notably features striking black mirrored flooring.

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March 24, 2017

San Francisco’s Candy-Colored Houses Celebrate Arrival of Spring

Finally, spring has sprung! As the long-awaited flowers bloom and the snow melts away, we say “goodbye” to the gloom and “hello” to the sunny shades of the season—a palette that is perpetually present in San Francisco’s charming, candy-colored houses. In his polychromatic feed, Instagram user Patrix15 explores the city’s captivatingly colorful architecture. Sprawled across the historic and hilly city, the Technicolor homes capture the quirky and free-spirited feel of San Francisco.

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