October 19, 2017

Interview: Artist Creates Mesmerizing Kinetic Sculptures Set in Motion by Human Interaction

The artist known simply as Mesplé creates compelling moving sculptures that combine elements of art, science, technology, and human interactivity. Employing time-honored foundry construction techniques like welding and blacksmithing, he elevates these everyday approaches by using them to produce objects and experiences that we've never seen nor had before. One of Mesplé’s latest pieces, titled Killing Time, features sleek, masterfully crafted metalwork integrated with sensors that react to human presence.

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October 10, 2017

Chainsaw Artist Turns Tree Stump into Illusion of Bucket Pouring Water

The best chainsaw artists have the ability to completely transform wood, molding it into incredible new shapes while bringing out the best of the material. In the case of Romanian artist Gabi Rizea, he's managed to merge his work as an engineer with his passion for chainsaw art, to spectacular results. Even though he only began to carve wood in 2014, his knowledge and skill level has rapidly grown.

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October 5, 2017

Japanese Artist Creates Animal Sculptures Made From Metallic Flowers

Japanese artist Taiichiro Yoshida uses traditional metalworking techniques to create flower-encrusted animal sculptures made from bronze, copper, and silver. In Japan, the ancient craft of decorative hot metalworking began sometime during the fourth century, and it’s a skill that has been passed down through generations of craftsman. The process involves carefully beating the hot metal into a malleable medium that can then be moulded into intricate motifs.

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September 22, 2017

Life-Sized Female Sculptures Inspired by the Graceful Beauty of Renaissance Art

Chinese artist Luo Li Rong produces realistic sculptures that convey the beauty and grace of the human figure. Working primarily in bronze, her life-size creations feature women in motion. They strike elegant poses that elongate their bodies with a seemingly windswept appearance; their hair and clothing look as though they’re being moved by a gentle breeze.

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