July 11, 2017

Chinese Airline Debuts Haute Couture Flight Attendant Uniforms for Fashion in the Sky

Of all the high-fashion garments you’d expect to come from a haute couture designer, a flight attendant uniform probably isn’t one of the them. But, it's more common than you think, with designers like Balenciaga and Lacroix helping lead the way in the mid-20th century. Laurence Xu is continuing the tradition with his recent update of the Hainan Airlines attire.

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July 5, 2017

Every Iconic Object Featured in Famous TV Shows Are Arranged in These Posters

Artist and designer Jordan Bolton is a big fan of television and film. He expresses his love of critically-acclaimed dramas and heartwarming tales though a familiar format: the poster. But rather than commemorating the actors, Bolton celebrates beloved media through its small yet iconic objects. In each of his minimalist posters, he turns his attention to the likes of shoes, exquisite necklaces, and ordinary umbrellas.

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July 3, 2017

Enchanting Headdresses Inspired by Elysian Fantasy and Fairytales

Once upon a time, San Francisco-based designer Rachel Sigmon worked as a licensed cosmetologist and professional makeup artist. After realizing that she would “rather be a starving artist than a slave to [her] shears,” however, the mother-of-three decided to follow her passion and move in a slightly different direction: headdress design. Now, through her exquisite Etsy shop, Sigmon sells a selection of her enchanting creations, which includes both her distinctive hats and hair accessories and other works of wearable art.

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June 29, 2017

Lush Green Bridge Built to Give Wildlife a Safe Path Between Two Mountains

As winners of the Yangjaegogae Eco-bridge Design Competition, KILD architects have designed a wildlife crossing that will help animals pass over a busy highway near Seoul in South Korea. In a design that makes it unique from other animal bridges across the world, theirs mimics the gentle sloping of the two mountains it connects. Uniting the peaks of Mount Umyeon and Maljukgeori parks, the green bridge includes dual lanes for human and animal traffic.

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