October 18, 2017

Woman Hand Sews Eclectic Kimono to Honor Her Japanese and Scottish Ancestry

A kimono is traditionally a Japanese garment, but it has, in recent years, undergone cultural transformations. One striking way is via Western influence; for nuptials that combine elements of Japanese culture and Christian traditions, a kimono wedding dress is a popular choice. Another recent collaboration between Norwegian designer T-Michael and Tokyo-based company Y. & Sons blends the aesthetic of the iconic robes with minimalist Scandinavian style.

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July 11, 2017

Chinese Airline Debuts Haute Couture Flight Attendant Uniforms for Fashion in the Sky

Of all the high-fashion garments you’d expect to come from a haute couture designer, a flight attendant uniform probably isn’t one of the them. But, it's more common than you think, with designers like Balenciaga and Lacroix helping lead the way in the mid-20th century. Laurence Xu is continuing the tradition with his recent update of the Hainan Airlines attire.

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August 18, 2016

Artist Wears Outfits Made From Bus Seat Fabrics as Quirky Camouflage on Public Transit Commutes

For most of us, long bus, train, and subway rides are spent listening to music, reading a book, or taking a nap. For German artist Menja Stevenson, these travels serve as a study in fashion. Her projects consider how “perfectly ugly” the fabric of public transportation is, and humorously conducts social experiments to draw attention to the outrageous patterns. Stevenson began her project titled Bustour in 2006.

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December 31, 2015

Self-Taught Teen Sews and Models Her Own Beautiful Historically-Inspired Dresses

Eighteen-year-old Angela Clayton adores historical fashion and costumery, taking her love one step further by sewing her own garments. The seamstress crafts long, flowing dresses fit for royalty and exquisite gowns that would make Cinderella the belle of the ball (without a Fairy Godmother). Her projects take an incredible amount of skill, featuring complicated ruching, hand appliqu, and bodice forming.

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