February 20, 2017

Music Removed from Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance Reveals Her Incredible Voice

Unless you’ve completely avoided the news, you’ve probably caught wind of Lady Gaga’s amazing performance at Super Bowl 51. From perfectly coordinated drones to an epic stage entrance to a bevy of sparkly costume changes, Gaga rocked all of her songs as an enthusiastic audience sang and danced along. The show was beyond memorable, but with all the glitz, it’s easy to forget what an incredible singer that Gaga is.

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February 10, 2017

Music Removed From “We Are the Champions” Showcases Freddie Mercury’s Amazing Voice

When you think of the band Queen, you probably imagine their late front man, Freddie Mercury. The music icon died 25 years ago, but his incredible voice lives on—he’s still regarded as one of the best singers of all time. To pay homage to his amazing talents, Playback.fm posted a video that features Mercury singing We Are the Champions a capella. Devoid of any instruments, the focus is solely on Mercury’s vocals.

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