Food Art

September 4, 2017

Artist Uses Natural Ingredients to “Paint” Beautiful Art on Smoothie Bowls

If you’re creative enough, art can be made anywhere. Over the past year, we’ve seen artists transform otherwise ordinary meals into spectacular works of food art. From cakes to lattes, these edible creations make a strong case for why you should play with your food. Malaysian maker Hazel Zakariya is one of the latest foodies to wow us with her unconventional visuals; rather than a canvas, she “paints” striking scenes across her smoothie bowls.

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August 17, 2017

Amazing Fruit Carving Transforms Watermelon into a Shape-Shifting Lantern

Certain foods lend themselves well to becoming works of art. Watermelons, with their hard rinds, produce incredible edible sculptures that will make you rethink how you look at fruit. Recently, a watermelon carving out of China has blown us away with both its intricate detail and clever engineering. A short video demonstrates how this awe-inspiring carved watermelon works. At the beginning, the rind appears to be etched into a fancy design—nothing else.

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July 20, 2017

Japanese Cafe Creatively Serves Hot Coffee in a Sugary-Sweet Cone

Recently, the humble ice cream cone has undergone a sugary series of transformations. It has been turned into taco shells, reshaped into friendly fish, and even dyed black. Now, thanks to Coffee Cone, a cafe in Tokyo, everyone's favorite ice cream accoutrement has adopted a new role as an edible coffee cup. As made apparent by the prevalence of the #coffeeinacone hashtag on Instagram, many coffeeshops around the world sell this peculiar pairing.

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