February 15, 2017

Artistic Pastry Chef Uses Background in Architecture to Bake Amazing Cakes

At just 21 years old, architect and dessert enthusiast Marie Troïtskaia (aka Marie Oiseau) has baked up an impressive portfolio of tasty treats. Combining her academic architectural background with her passion for sweets, Oiseau creates one-of-a-kind artistic cakes inspired by buildings, shapes, and sculptures. Unsurprisingly, creating each cake is a multi-step process. Oiseau first plans the creation as she would an architectural project, sketching designs and producing models and molds. Once she’s settled on the aesthetic, she begins thinking about ingredients and flavor composition.

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February 7, 2017

Dad Challenges Himself to Go on an Epic Day-Long Tour of Free Birthday Food

The best day to go to any restaurant is on your birthday. Thanks to your personal holiday, establishments are most likely to give you a special treat for just being you. Dad and Imugrian AnotherAnotherJosh proves this theory with his epic tour of free birthday food. On his cake day, he made a staggering 12 stops and got something free from every single one.

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