March 22, 2017

20+ Foods People Eat Around the World After a Night of Drinking

We’ve all been there. It’s late, and after a night out with friends, a craving arrives. The question is, what to eat? Sweet or savory, all around the world cultures have invented mouthwatering dishes that will satisfy those late night hankerings. Whether they are fried snacks or street food finds, hangover foods are often indulgent and always delicious.

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March 14, 2017

25+ Creative Pie Crusts that Turn the Dessert into a Delicious Work of Art

The best holidays revolve around food, and the very best feature dessert as the centerpiece of the day. On March 14—also known as 3.14—there’s a celebration for Pi, the mathematical constant that just happens to be approximated as 3.14. Since “Pi” is pronounced like “pie,” people honor the homophone by baking the delicious dessert.

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