June 16, 2017

Instagram “Food Styler” Shares Glorious Arrangements You Can Taste with Your Eyes

To Sine, the culinary creative behind “food styling” Instagram account Foodbites, desserts don't need to be sugary sweet to be delicious. Using fresh fruit as her main ingredient and artistic muse, she colorfully crafts healthy desserts that double as food art. Each unconventional treat features fruits that have been creatively prepared and presented. To achieve a dessert-like aesthetic and experience, she employs implements like cookie cutters, lollipop sticks, and even ice cream cones.

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June 9, 2017

‘Brushstroke’ Cakes Put a Painterly Twist on Traditional Cake Decorating

Moscow-based bakery Kalabasa creates colorful cakes inspired by one of art's most fundamental elements: the brushstroke. Covered in a collection of sculpted, sugary strokes, each mesmerizing dessert doubles as an edible artwork. Kalabasa's brushstroke cakes showcase the bakers' interest in unconventional cake decorating. The painterly strips are crafted from chocolate and airbrushed in a range of tones. They are artistically arranged on the cakes, which are also fitting adorned with chocolate “paint” splatters, delicate airbrushing, and fresh fruit.

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May 24, 2017

‘Watermelon Bread’ Has Creative Bakers Turning Loaves of Bread into Tasty Fruit

When is a watermelon not a watermelon? When it’s a loaf of bread! One food trend has people disguising an otherwise normal baked good as a tasty juicy fruit that's complete with rinds and seeds. Known appropriately as watermelon bread, it first caught on at Jimmy’s Bakery in Jiahosi, Taiwan. It quickly inspired a trend, and other iterations of these unique loaves started popping up around the world.

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May 17, 2017

Edible Raindrop Jelly Cake Includes a Cherry Blossom Flower Blooming on Your Plate

Nowadays, it seems like it’s not enough for a restaurant to have a simple piece of pie on their dessert menu. Thanks to creative and innovative pastry chefs, trendy locales are producing sweet treats that go beyond conventional offerings and are downright awe-inspiring—and of course, delicious. La Floraison in Sydney, Australia, is the latest eatery making waves with their visionary dessert.

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