April 10, 2017

25+ Beautiful Drip Cakes Overflowing with Sweet Decadence

One of the latest (and tastiest) crazes to hit the dessert world is the drip cake. Though this might sound needlessly messy, the effect is totally worth it—these confections are a stunning sight. The avant garde creations feature a sweet glaze that runs over top of a flattened circular cake and down its side. Often, this edible gloss is accompanied by buttercream flowers, macarons, or luscious fruits. A drip cake offers ample opportunity for dessert decoration.

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April 4, 2017

Brooklyn Bakery’s ‘Spaghetti Donut’ Serves a Whole Savory Meal in One Edible Ring

Brooklyn bakery Pop Pasta is serving up the newest donut fad—the spaghetti donut. If you're someone who thinks pasta tastes better the second day, after the sauce has soaked in, then you'll want try Pop Pasta. Inspired by the classic frittata di pasta from Naples, Italy, Pop Pasta adds a decidedly American twist by transforming it into a baked donut.

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