February 16, 2017

19th Century Valentines Are Surprising and Romantic Works of Art

A peek inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Department of Drawing and Prints reveals a sweet surprise for Valentine’s Day…nearly 200 years ago. Among the vast collection are historic valentines from the United States and Europe that speak to a time when sending cards reached its apex. In the 19th century, with commercially printed cards now available, sending and receiving gifts and notes for Valentine’s Day became a hallmark of Victorian life.

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January 31, 2017

Google Doodle Honors Japanese-American Activist Who Fought Against Internment Camps

Following the news of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, employees of Google have been very vocal about their outrage. In addition to staging a protest and setting up a multimillion dollar crisis fund, the Bay Area-based company has also subtly spoken out against the executive order through art. On January 30, Google celebrated the 98th birthday of Japanese-American Civil Rights Activist and internment protester Fred Korematsu with his very own Google Doodle.

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