March 27, 2017

Art History: The Evolution of Hypnotic Kinetic Sculptures

Art that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or that relies on motion for its effect—this is the definition of kinetic art. While the definition explains the practical notion, it doesn’t emphasize the hypnotic capabilities of the artform. And though it comprises any medium, it’s actually kinetic sculpture that most comes to mind when thinking of the genre. So where did kinetic sculpture get its start?

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March 13, 2017

Man Goes to Great Lengths to Accurately Recreate Portraits of His Ancestors

With impressive attention to detail and impeccable precision, Lima-based artist Christian Fuchs recreates passed-down portraits of his ancestors. Fuchs started the series as a way to learn more about his genealogy, and ambitiously aims to embody the family members that came before him. In order to aptly capture the spirit of each past family painting, the artist painstakingly studies every evident detail—from clothing and hairstyle to posture and expression.

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