April 2, 2017

19th-Century Tool Box is Meticulously Designed to Hold 300 Tools

Any good woodworker has a decent toolbox, but no one has ever created something as special as the Studley Tool Chest. This beauty is 20×40 inches when closed (40×40 inches when open) and contains 300 tools within its carefully crafted mahogany rosewood, ebony, and mother-of-pearl case. As interesting as the piece itself is, it has a long history, which at one point saw it displayed in the Smithsonian.

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March 29, 2017

Soldier’s B&W Photos Capture Rare Glimpse of Seoul Rebuilding After Korean War

Born in an area that is now part of North Korea, photographer Han Youngsoo's work gives us rare insight into how the country rebuilt itself after the Korean War. Fighting on the front lines as a young South Korean soldier, Youngsoo returned to an unrecognizable Seoul after the war ended. Post-war Seoul, left devastated and impoverished, is the backdrop for Youngsoo's photography.

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