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February 20, 2017

Man Receives Life-Changing Face Transplant After 56-Hour Surgery

When he was just 21-years-old, Andy Sandness attempted to take his own life. And though he survived, he lost his nose, mouth, and jaw in the process. Now, 10 years later, he has been given a new chance to blend into a crowd thanks to a face transplant at the Mayo Clinic. Sandness had been a patient at the Mayo Clinic since the 2006 incident, undergoing 8 surgeries in the month following the tragic event.

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February 17, 2017

Anonymous Student Surprises Entire High School with Over 1,500 Handmade Valentines

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, an unnamed student at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio, treated the entire student body to a heartfelt and handmade surprise. As the 1,504 students shuffled into school on the morning of February 14, they were greeted by a rainbow of beautiful origami hearts taped to their lockers. Each brightly colored work of art was adorned with a simple and sentimental sentence—”you are loved”—and purposely showed no indication of the gift giver’s identity.

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