September 7, 2017

Photographer Empowers Sick and Disabled Children by Transforming Them into Superheroes

Digital artist and professional photographer Josh Rossi has a knack for making kids' wildest dreams come true. In the past, he used his skills to magically turn his young daughter into Wonder Woman and Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle. Now, inspired by these past projects and hoping to delight a new group of children, Rossi has undertaken a new “super passion project”: transforming hospitalized children into superheroes.

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August 25, 2017

Little Girl Drew Her Dream Dress, So Her Loving Grandma Actually Made It For Her

Today, many up-and-coming companies are finding imaginative ways to turn children's drawings into real-life creations. From custom-printed frocks to huggable stuffed animals, aspiring artists are now able to see their dream designs come to life. While these modern businesses are an excellent way to promote creativity, one lucky little girl has learned that no company can compare to a crafty grandma. According to a post on Reddit, an unnamed girl had drawn a picture of her dream dress.

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August 9, 2017

Creative Dad’s DIY Submarine Crib Turns Naptime into an Under-the-Sea Adventure

Video game artist Rob Adams might design in the virtual world, but he fashions his offline life in a similarly fantastical way. Adams first wowed the internet last year by building an incredible fairy tree reading nook for his daughter’s bedroom. After seeing his handiwork, the website Fatherly asked him to construct an imaginative baby bed that captures that same charming spirit. Modeled after a submarine, Adam’s colorful DIY crib design takes a newborn “under the sea.

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