July 12, 2017

Adorable “MoMo” Twins Are Taking Over Instagram with Sweet and Silly Photos

Last year, adorable “MoMo” twins Leia and Lauren captured both our attention and our hearts with their cute and quirky collection of portraits. Though born prematurely following a high-risk pregnancy, the toddler twins today remain happy, healthy, and undeniably photogenic. Leai and Lauren live in Singapore with their parents, who continue to dedicate their time to documenting the twin girls' sweet, silly, and sleepy sides.

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June 24, 2017

Creative Vending Machine Prints Short Stories to Read While You Wait

Recently, inventive vending machines have been popping up around France. Instead of dispensing sweet treats or sugary drinks, however, these kiosks distribute short stories. Created by literature-loving company Short Édition, these savvy stalls promise to help pass the time, whether you're waiting at the airport, stuck at the train station, or even accompanying your significant other on a particularly trying trip to the mall. Sleek in design and minimal in effort, each vending machine offers an appealing way for commuters and customers to kill time.

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