October 16, 2017

Historic Panorama Archive of Pacific Northwest Used to Suppress Forest Fires

With almost half of both Oregon and Washington State's landmass covered with forests, careful management of this resourceful landscape has always been of paramount importance. And, of course, fire management has long been a duty of the Forest Service in both states. Between 1933 and 1935, the Oregon and Washington Forest Services carried out a landmark project, collecting panoramic photographs from every fire lookout in the region.

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October 6, 2017

Commercial Photographer Takes to the Skies to Follow His Passion for Aerial Photography

Photographer Niaz Uddin first fell in love with aerial photography when he realized that the high altitude images, captured with a distinct perspective, helped separate him from the saturated photography market. His love for the sky was a perfect match with the genre and he soon found himself hanging out of helicopters to shoot the perfect photo.

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January 19, 2009

Hi-Def Pics – Beautiful Days of Winter (15 photos)

In many parts of the world, winter is associated with snowfall. As brightly reflective snow covers the earth, it creates a magnificent effect, and seemingly intensifies the beauty of its surroundings. Here are some spectacular photos displaying one of the most gorgeous seasons of the year. Stillness by Norbert Maier (top), First Snow by Norbert Maier (above)

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