July 31, 2017

Beautiful Landscape Paintings Emerge from Creatively Carved Wood Frames

Inspired by rustic scenes of wild nature, artist Faith Montgomery of Woodensense creates striking works of wooden art. Featuring breathtaking landscapes framed by creatively carved reclaimed wood, each of Montgomery's pieces exhibits her obvious penchant for painting and her undeniable love of the great outdoors. Presenting beautifully painted peaks of majestic mountains, towering trees, starry skies, and shimmering bodies of water, Montgomery's collection of works offers awe-inspiring views of nature.

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June 22, 2017

Mesmerizing Animation Made Entirely of Wood Transforms into Weightless Sand

Get ready to sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing sight of wood grain as it glides across your screen. Though that might sound totally banal, it's anything but. Called WoodSwimmer, the brief stop motion animation follows a piece of raw wood as it travels through a milling machine. In a series of graceful movements, the irregular rings, knots, and shifting colors fill the frame with life-like abstract forms.

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May 25, 2017

10 Astrophotographers Capturing the Awe-Inspiring Wonders of the Galaxy

From the beginning of human civilization, we’ve been fascinated by what lies beyond our sky. Nighttime is when it's in its most spectacular state; the dazzling stars glitter from the dark abyss and only compound our wonder of the galaxy. Now, with advancements in technology, we’re able to answer the questions that have plagued us for centuries. Through astrophotography, photographers can record celestial objects and large patches of the night sky. What is Astrophotography?

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