March 21, 2017

Scientists Say Tribe in Bolivian Rainforest Have the “Healthiest Hearts in the World”

We’re all striving for good health and to live as long as possible. Researchers are continually trying to figure out how, and studying the human heart is often at the center of it.  A paper recently published in The Lancet provides new details on how to achieve a healthier heart. The data came from research conducted on the indigenous Tsimane people living in the Bolivian rain forest, who are identified as having the greatest heart health.

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February 21, 2017

San Francisco Passes Law Requiring Pet Shops to Only Sell Rescue Animals

It goes without saying, but bears repeating: there are too many cats and dogs without homes. While there are countless shelters and rescue centers that exist, some potential pet owners look to pet shops to find their furry friends. All too often, however, these animals come from puppy and kitten mills that treat the creatures in cruel ways. San Francisco, however, is doing their part to stop this abuse with pet store adoption.

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