February 20, 2017

20+ Creatively Geeky Signs from the ‘Stand Up for Science’ Rally

It’s barely a month into the Trump presidency and protests are becoming a regular occurrence in cities around the United States. On Sunday, February 19, thousands of scientists and supporters gathered in Boston’s Copley Square to “stand up for science”—a subject that’s repeatedly threatened under the current administration. The rally, like others before it, was full of concerned people who are scared at the new direction the country has taken.

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February 7, 2017

Scientists Around the World Are Planning a March for Science on Earth Day

Since 1970, Americans have celebrated nature and honored the environment each year on April 22. Known as Earth Day, this holiday reminds us how remarkable yet fragile our planet is. Though the special day has always held profound symbolic significance among scientists, environmentalists, and the general public, this year, it is set to carry even more weight, as it has been selected as the date for the much anticipated March for Science.

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