March 27, 2017

Photos of Loving Fathers Who Defy Stereotypes of Men with Kids

On a mission to prove that dads aren’t just secondary caretakers, Fatherhood Without Fear (@dontforgetdads) visually explores and presents relationships between real-life fathers and their children. To illustrate this point, the Instagram account showcases touching photos of men both emotionally connecting and physically engaging with their sons and daughters. Fatherhood Without Fear is predominantly focused on combatting the stereotype that men merely “babysit,” while women “parent.

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March 24, 2017

Photographer Captures the Crumbling Architecture of Post-Soviet Abkhazia

Architectural photographer Aurélien Villette has spent the last nine years traveling to different countries in order to document how architecture manifests cultural change. After voyaging to the region of Abkhazia, he brings back two series of work that display this often forgotten conflict area. Abkhazia is a partially recognized state on the Black Sea coast. The United Nations and Georgia consider it part of Georgia, while Russia and a few other countries recognize it as independent.

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