April 27, 2017

Interview: Photographer Captures Honest and Open Spirit of Children in Africa

Photographer Gustav Willeit recently traveled to Togo with the Costa Foundation, a charity started in 2007 to protect and improve children's right in developing countries. Their current work in Togo focuses on collecting funds for blood-bags needed for transfusions in cases of advanced malaria. The foundation's ties to the small African nation date back to 2011, when they received an email from Sister Patrizia, a woman who has committed her life to helping people in need.

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April 25, 2017

Then and Now Photos Show People as Young Adults and at 100 Years Old

In his sentimental series, Faces of Century, Opava-based photographer Jan Langer visually presents the inevitable changes that accompany aging. With 100-year-old Czechs as his muses, Langer explores the effects of time through a collection of then-and-now photos. Faces of Century is composed of several pairs of photographs. Each coupled combination depicts the same person as a young adult and as a centenarian. To adequately showcase the changes evident in each individual's appearance, the subjects recreate the poses present in the older photographs.

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