September 13, 2017

Meet the 6-Year-Old Instagram Fashionista Who’s Becoming a Style Icon in Tokyo

Having a flair for fashion is a gift, and it’s one that a Japanese girl named Coco has cultivated early. At just six years old, she’s a bona-fide Instagram star, dazzling people from around the world with her bold and trendy kids fashion. Coco isn’t afraid to mix patterns or wear bright colors, and she does it all with an effortlessly cool attitude.

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September 29, 2015

Surreal Self-Portraits Communicate the Isolation of Depression

Edward Honaker's series of dreamlike images expose his personal struggle with depression and allow viewers to further understand the sensitive topic that is mental illness. Diagnosed at 19, the young artist chose to explore the potential of communicating his emotions through a collection of self-portraits. The photographs incite a visceral reaction, unsettling in their stark, black and white compositions. Depression is an isolating illness, lonely and confusing.

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