Street Photography

October 12, 2017

NYC Cab Driver Spends 30 Years Photographing His Passengers

In 1980, aspiring photographer Ryan Weideman landed in New York City from California, looking to make a name for himself. But he soon found himself focused on more practical matters, like paying the rent. Thanks to his neighbor, who was a cab driver, he found himself riding along in the taxi one night, and by the next day, he'd found both a way to pay the bills and the perfect outlet for his creativity.

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July 29, 2017

Interview: Photographer Captures Candid Color Images to Authentically Define City Life

Lithuanian photographer Roza Vulf specializes in candid photographs rich with cinematic character. Now based in Rome, Vulf is a self-taught photographer who has spent the last seven years focusing on her craft. Her color street photography plays with light, color, and composition to weave a narrative inside each image. Her cunning ability to capture a moment allows viewers to insert themselves into the situation, searching like a detective for the full story.

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December 13, 2013

Revealing Photos of New York Teen Gang Members in 1959

Renowned photographer Bruce Davidson has played an integral part in documenting New York City life and culture throughout the decades. The documentarian's project titled Brooklyn Gang is an especially interesting series that follows a group of teens in 1959 that were members of a gang. After reading an article about fights breaking out in Prospect Park, a 25-year-old Davidson ventured over to Brooklyn in search of some insight about the supposed ruffians.

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