April 7, 2017

You Can Soon Spend the Night in a Newly Restored 18th Century French Château

If you've ever wanted to spend the night in a charming French farmhouse, the recently restored Château de Gudanes may be your dream come true. Located in Château-Verdun, an idyllic commune in the sunny South of France, the made-over manor dates back to 1741, and will soon be open to traveling francophiles. In 2013, Karina and Craig Waters traveled to France from their home in Perth, Australia, in order to view potential real estate.

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March 28, 2017

Nomadic Man Only Works 6 Months a Year, Spends the Rest on Outdoor Adventures

Working only six months out of the year seems like a dream for most people, but it’s one that a man with the nickname Ultra Romance has managed to achieve. The nomadic individual treks throughout the world with only a bike and a modest amount of camping equipment in tow. This lightweight lifestyle allows him to take in beautiful natural sights and enjoy biking adventures off the grid.

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March 24, 2017

San Francisco’s Candy-Colored Houses Celebrate Arrival of Spring

Finally, spring has sprung! As the long-awaited flowers bloom and the snow melts away, we say “goodbye” to the gloom and “hello” to the sunny shades of the season—a palette that is perpetually present in San Francisco's charming, candy-colored houses. In his polychromatic feed, Instagram user Patrix15 explores the city's captivatingly colorful architecture. Sprawled across the historic and hilly city, the Technicolor homes capture the quirky and free-spirited feel of San Francisco.

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March 8, 2017

Breathtaking Image is Being Called “Most Beautiful Photo of Kyoto”

Renowned for its blossoming cherry trees, countless shrines and temples, and traditional architecture, Kyoto is one of Japan's top travel destinations. Its bountiful beauty has been captured in a seemingly infinite amount of photos, but one picture-perfect snapshot has left the Internet in awe. Captured by photographer Leslie Taylor, the stunning photo of Kyoto presents the city's undeniable beauty. Recently posted on Reddit, the now-viral photograph depicts a calm, cobblestoned street leading to the famous 5-story Yasaka Pagoda.

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