March 27, 2017

You Can Visit This Japanese Island Overrun with Friendly Bunnies

If you love frolicking with furry animals, Japan may be the destination of your dreams. In addition to its famous Fox Village and  “Cat Heaven Island,” the country also boasts Ōkunoshima, a small island in the Inland Sea that has been overrun by adorable and approachable rabbits. Aptly referred to as “Rabbit Island,” Ōkunoshima is home to a colony of hundreds—if not thousands—of friendly bunnies.

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March 21, 2017

9 Underwater Hotel Rooms with the Most Spectacular Views of the Ocean

Scattered around the globe, several hotels are offering unique accommodations that literally let you sleep with the fishes. Whether you've been humming Under the Sea or you count Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea as a favorite novel, these underwater hotels are the perfect escape. Every few years, plans for a new, grand underwater resort seem to appear. But in actuality, building underwater is no easy feat due to environmental concerns and financial obstacles.

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