August 13, 2017

15+ Vintage Camper Van Remodels That Will Inspire You To Hit the Road

When it comes to seeing the world, everyone is different. Some folks want to take in the sights by train while others prefer to board a plane to experience new locales. Then, there are people who make travel not just a once (or twice) a year activity, but a cultivated lifestyle. Through mobile living, their home can be anywhere and can change whenever they like.

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August 4, 2017

‘Coast Starlight’ Offers the Most Beautiful Train Ride All Along the Pacific Coast

Since the 1940s, the dazzling Coast Starlight train has been offering travelers a front-row seat to the scenic sights of the Pacific coast. Chugging through the lush forests, rolling hills, and breathtaking waterfronts of Washington, Oregon, and California, the Amtrak train showcases the aesthetic allure of railway travel. The Coast Starlight runs between Seattle and Los Angeles, meandering through 30 familiar destinations over the course of 35 hours.

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July 17, 2017

Interview: Nomadic Couple Captures the Timeless Natural Beauty of Peru

The nomadic model-photographer duo Victoria Yore and TJ Drysdale, aka Follow Me Away, have explored parts of the world that many only dream of visiting. We’ve chronicled their adventures for years as they captured the breathtaking sights of Iceland, Oregon, and countries throughout Europe. They’ve recently returned from Peru—their first time there—and have shared their latest travel photos with us.

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July 9, 2017

Interview: Accomplished Photographer Captures Life While Living in a Different City Each Month

For photographer Richard Silver, “home is where his camera is.” As a traveling creative with an eye for architecture, Silver skillfully showcases an awe-inspiring approach to capturing structures around the world. We first noticed Silver’s striking practice in 2012, when he wowed us with his one-of-a-kind vertical panorama shots of sky-high interiors.

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