World’s Largest Snow Flake-Shaped Ski Dome

Shaped like a six-armed snow flake, Danish architecture studio CEBRA recently unveiled a proposal to build the world's largest ski-dome. Skidome Denmark will have six indoor and two outdoor slopes on its three centrally connected arches, with three kilometers (1.9 miles) of slopes arching over a river in the Danish city of Randers.

"We have placed and designed the ski dome over the river to connect the different neighborhoods in the town of Randers," said Danksi representative Simon Oscar Andersen. "Actually, we give a whole lot to the city – the world's biggest ski dome, and a whole new connection across the river, which solves a lot of infrastructural problems for the city."

Unlike most indoor ski slopes which tend lack windows, Skidome Denmark will have a perforated facade to give skiers a view over the surrounding river and meadows. Every piste has its own chair lift and the three arches are conjoint by an elevator for transporting skiers between the different levels.

In addition to hotel, restaurant and shops, Skidome Denmark offers a street sport facilities for skateboarding and BMXing, as well as a landscaped park on the roof.

Cebra website
via [Dezeen], [Bustler]

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