Two Adorable Sheepdogs Living in the Netherlands

Lately, we’ve been featuring a lot of posts centered around pet photography but who didn’t feel a sudden burst of energy after seeing Serenah’s awesome photo of a super-dachshund and who didn’t crack a smile after looking at Ben Torode’s cute photo of a musically-inclined kitten?

Today, we want to introduce you to two adorable Old English Sheepdogs that live in a small village in the Netherlands. Their owner, Cees Bol (or dewollewei on Flickr), takes incredibly sweet photos of them against breathtakingly beautiful backdrops. My favorites are the ones where they’re just contently sitting in a field of flowers.

Named Sophie (age 4) and Sarah (age 2), they’re sisters from a different litter.

“I like to take pictures – landscapes, nature, etc. – to show people what a great planet we live in,” Cees tells us. “And what’s greater than a sheepdog in these lovely places? They are both well-behaved and have real fun together. We also have a Facebook profile, and we oftentimes get lovely posts from people who write that they feel better after looking at Sophie and Sarah’s pictures. What’s better than making other people happy with my pictures?”

Cees Bol on Flickr

January 23, 2017

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