Famous Celebrities with Their Cameras

Brad Pitt with a Leica M3

Celebrities are always having their photo taken. Whether it's during an in-studio photo shoot or while they are simply eating lunch at the local deli, the paparazzi will find them! Sometimes the art form of photography is forgotten in the fast-paced race to expose celebs in their most intimate moments.

However, in this Celebrity Camera Club's collection of Famous Folks Taking Photos, celebrities are taking matters into their own hands. Every photo in the collection involves celebrities holding or using different cameras, ranging from all types of 35mm, medium format, digital, and Polaroid varieties.

James Dean uses a Rolleiflex, Brad Pitt uses a Leica M3, and Johnny Depp uses a Polaroid in these classic and memorable photographs. Others, including Sean Connery, Michael Jackson, and Michael Cera, all find a moment to look through the viewfinder and experience life through the other side of the lens.

Sean Connery with an SLR

Mick Jagger and an iPhone 4

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis with an SLR

Grace Kelly taking Frank Sinatra's photo with a Hasselblad

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and a MF camera

Edward Norton and a Rolleiflex

Johnny Depp with a Polaroid

Heath Ledger with a Polaroid land camera

James Dean with a Rolleiflex

Paul McCartney self with a twin reflex camera

Michael Cera with a Horizon camera

James Franco with a Rolleiflex.

Madonna with a Canon g12

Angelina Jolie with a large format bellows camera

Michael Jackson with an SLR

Diane Kruger with a Pentax 67 Medium Format camera

Kate Moss with a Holga

Marilyn Monroe with Nikon Camera

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