Hilarious Photos of Celebrities Riding Invisible Bicycles

Boris Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger

While entertainment magazines try to sell the “Celebrities are just like us–they shop, they eat, they even ride bikes!” headline to consumers, redditors look past one common quality of stars in a thread aptly titled Invisible Bicycles. Unlike the rest of us, these famous figures don’t need to pedal any tangible vehicle as they seemingly float through the air. Of course, the subreddit’s collection of gravity-defying images are, in all actuality, just cleverly Photoshopped paparazzi shots.

Each image presents a funny looking celebrities hovering slightly off the ground as they grip onto thin air with one leg typically up, higher than the other. The bicycle that they were riding in reality is erased from each shot, leaving viewers to stare at some of their favorite movie stars and musicians in awkward positions. The photos are especially interesting when there are multiple cyclists in the shot, each one seeming like a truly unusual pedestrian, haphazardly performing their version of parkour that is… completely wrong.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Brad Pitt

Jared Leto

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan

LeBron James

Russell Crowe

Jesse Eisenberg

Al Roker

Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton

Leonardo DiCaprio

Albert Einstein

Miley Cyrus

Penn Badgley

via [Like Cool, reddit]

November 29, 2016

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