High School Student’s Selfies Imitate All 44 US Presidents

Abraham Lincoln

Instead of simply studying American history from a textbook, high school student Chaz Rorick decided to impersonate the U.S. Presidents by craftily mimicking everything from their attire and facial hair to their expressive poses in any given image. The Rochestor, NY-based teen’s self-portraits hilariously imitate all 44 of the Presidents from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln right up to the current Head of State Barack Obama.

Rorick was initially inspired by a documentary he saw, in which President Truman was donning an outfit that was extremely similar to his own. He immediately took to Instagram, posting an image of the 33rd President alongside his own personal rendition of the bespectacled leader. In an interview with Mashable, he says, “My dad found it funny… The next day I did Roosevelt for fun, but by the third picture I did one a day, regardless of my busyness. My friends enthusiastically encouraged the weirdness.”

William Howard Taft

Martin Van Buren

Barack Obama

Richard Nixon

Jimmy Carter

Woodrow Wilson

Ulysses S. Grant

Zachary Taylor

Rutherford Hayes

Grover Cleveland

James Buchanan

Chester Alan Arthur

Benjamin Harrison

All 44 U.S. Presidents

Chaz Rorick on Instagram
via [Neatorama, Mashable]

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