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China’s Treasure Box Museum

The Guangdong Museum is one of four major cultural landmark buildings for the new financial hub in Zhujiang Xincheng (Pearl River New Town) of Guangzhou. The five-story 721,000 sq ft (67,000 sq m) museum is not only designed to house a great variety of fascinating objects of treasure, it is also a treasured object of great fascination itself.

The deliberate arrangement by Hong Kong-based firm Rocco Design Architects not only reinforces the clarity and coherence of the treasure box concept, it allows flexibility in planning and operation of all the exhibition spaces. Each of the main exhibition halls is punctured with random spaces that are filled with natural light. They also offer visitors well-balanced resting spaces.

In order to achieve a smooth transition between the museum and the adjoining landscape, an undulating landscape deck is introduced underneath the elevated museum box, metaphorically symbolizing a silk cloth unwrapping a much treasured piece of artwork.

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