Famous Authors Share Their Wisdom About Writing

New York-based graphic designer Chris Ritter has accumulated a series of quotes imparting advice about writing from some of the most famous authors throughout history, superimposing the wise words over the respective writer’s portrait. From classic fiction author Ernest Hemingway and Gothic poet Edgar Allen Poe to horror fiction novelist Stephen King and satirical science fiction author Kurt Vonnegut, the quotes offer a wide of range of advice as well as insight into each author’s brand of writing.

Writing is an art that dates back centuries. Whether it be written with a quill and ink or on a high-tech computer, a written work’s worth relies on its words. Many writers fall victim to writer’s block and self-doubt, but it’s the ones that push through their obstacles that persevere. As evidenced through this series, it seems the most knowledgable people with the most insightful wisdom on the subject of writing and doing it well are those who have experienced the triumphs and tribulations of their art. Many of the tips also expose a brilliantly executed sense of humor, which can be difficult to convey simply through text.

While the list of tips from these successful and established authors are each helpful in their own way, there has been some feedback regarding the lack of racial and gender diversity. It would be interesting to see this series expand its list to include more diversity in the pick of authors. We could always do with more advice from a broader spectrum of people.

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January 24, 2017

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January 24, 2017

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