Fascinating Shots of Sharks and Dolphins Preying on Mackerel

British photographer Christopher Swann captures the fascinating underwater action that takes place when sharks and dolphins prey on a school of mackerel. We rarely think about how members of the animal kingdom hunt or defend themselves, but the wildlife photographer gives some perspective on these particular creatures off the coast of Azores.

In an effort to better protect themselves, the swarming school of mackerel form a massive, silvery ball. Swann’s photos reveal what appear to be thousands of fish tightly aligned with one another as a defense tactic as they tread through the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. According to the photographer, their united figure reached an impressive diameter of approximately 30 feet.

However, even this massive entity seeking safety in numbers fell victim to the predators from all ends. While the sharks and dolphins attacked the cluster of mackerel on the deep end, there were Cory’s shearwaters diving in from above to snatch the fish as they moved more toward the surface. It’s incredible to think that Swann managed to capture all of these remarkable images as he swam along with the frenzied attack.

via [Telegraph]

January 16, 2017

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