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Clever Chasing or Hiding Movie Posters

Illustrator Dale Peart recently reached out to us to tell us about a fantastic series of movie posters he was commissioned to create for Turner Classic Movies (TCM). He was asked to choose any three films and create posters for them to be used as a cohesive set.

Peart chose three movies that he not only loves but that are well known. He decided to link the movies, visually, by using a common theme. “After analyzing all three films, noting down important and iconic moments within each and what was the underlying message behind them all, it became apparent that the main theme subject of each, was about something or someone hiding, or chasing.”

Note: If you haven't watched these movies, and you still want to, I advise that you don't read the descriptions. There are major plot spoilers in them!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
“The most abstract film of the three, ultimately is about not knowing what you have until it is gone. In this case, it is their love. Although there are a lot more messages within this film, there are bound to be in such an abstract film, this was the main message the film wanted to communicate. To give you some clue as to what this film is about, in a fictional version of New York city where a new treatment is available to delete your memories, two lovers fall out and delete their memories of each other. The film takes place within the male participant of the relationship's mind, Joel. As his memories get deleted he slowly realizes he still loves his partner and desperately tries to stop his memories from getting deleted (in his mind). I visualized this by using a spiral as an abstract version of the mind. Joel and Clementine (his girlfriend), hide at the end of this memory hoping for it to not be deleted.”

Alien is about ‘the perfect organism' without morals or conscience, it is perfectly evolved to survive with a variety of deadly survival techniques. Throughout the film, the Alien hides and attacks wiping out the entire crew, bar one in Ripley. Ripley sets a self destruct sequence blowing up the Nostromo and seemingly wiping out the Alien in a visually spectacular explosion. Not all is as it seems though and the Alien is perfectly hidden amongst the architecture of Ripley's escape pod, Giger's design works at its finest during this scene to create one of the ultimate shock scenes in film history. I abstracted what the architecture of the pipes looked like and visually represented it using this single line which the alien can hide within.”

No Country For Old Men
No Country For Old Men, is an absolutely brilliant thriller, all about a chase and a new kind of evil in the modern world. One way that Chigurh (the killer) goes about representing this is by carrying a captive bolt pistol or cattle gun around with him. Initially the purpose of this isn't apparent. In one scene, Chigurh is seen carrying it towards a civilian, unawares to what is about to happen. Chigurh stops the man, talks naturally to him, puts the captive bolt pistol to his skull and kills him. Chigurh had to carefully plan how to kill another man, it can't be classed as a crime of passion, steps were taken to prevent knowledge of who was the killer, and how the person was killed. The wound leaves no bullet, yet mimics the damage of a bullet. This new kind of evil and chase was what I pinpointed to be the main message of the film. The single line being an abstract version of rural Texas, the captive bolt pistol being a representation of this new kind of evil hidden amongst the Texan architecture.”

Dale Peart's website

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