More Brand Slogans Reinterpreted to Tell the Hilarious Truth

Advertising agencies work hard to brand a product and develop a specific slogan to convey the idea behind that brand. However, once the product is out in the world, there’s no telling what will happen. And that’s where Honest Slogans comes in. Created, written, and managed by graphic designer Clif Dickens, the website features hilariously reinterpreted concepts that translate slogans into what people really think.

We first came across Dickens’ blog last fall and he has been hard at work developing a bundle of new and equally funny ideas. He covers everything from Perrier water to the slinky, and many, many products in between. Whether the companies intended it or not, certain restaurants, games, medications, and office supplies have gained a reputation and follow certain trends within our American culture. Dickens hits home by mimicking the visual design and then adding his updated slogans like Wite-Out: There’s a dried out bottle in your junk drawer (so true!) or Halls: Candy with Directions.

Honest Slogans website

January 18, 2017

25 Animals Who Have Mastered the Art of Taking the Perfect Selfie

The term selfie hasn’t been around for that long, but it’s already deeply ingrained into our society. A selfie is one way to show off your impeccable fashion, as well as proof that you did something (or met someone) cool. It’s even turned into a viable career option for a few lucky people—Kim Kardashian published an entire book dedicated hers, so this style of self-portraiture is definitely here to stay.

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