Cliff-Hanging Peruvian Beach House (12 pics)

This isn't your typical beach house. Hanging off a cliff and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Lefevre House by Longhi Architects is, in fact, more like a gorgeous hideaway or a majestic “place where desert and ocean meet." Located in Punta Misterio, Peru (75 miles south of Lima), the Lefevre House features sand garden roofs which act as an extension of the desert. It also has a lap and recreational pools that connect the ocean with the house! Best part, though? The hanging glass box that seems magically suspended, allowing unbelievable views of the ocean. Wanting to utilize local natural resources, Longhi brought the cliffs into the house. One of the walls in the bathroom is actually raw rock. Other walls vary in natural materials, from rough quarry stone on the outside to worked stone walls on the inside. Explaining his inspiration for the natural stone selection, Longhi says, “The Incas were the best architects in integrating landscape and architecture."

Longhi Architects via [contemporist], [business stone]

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