Rik Lees Beautiful Girls (10 Total)

Linkin Park – What I've Done cover by Marie Digby

I got online and thought .oO(How could I share an experience I'm having right now?)Well, lately I've been looking through YouTube for amateur covers of popular songs. I can't remember how I started doing this, but I noticed that sometimes it is refreshing to hear someone else sing these songs. Sometimes they change the style quite a bit, and it's also nice to hear people giving their performance “live” rather than after the studio clean up.

Here is a small collection of covers that I've put together that you might want to check out when you're “doing some research” at work. Consider that I was mostly looking for amateurs, so sound quality and a less-than professional performance should be expected. I'd love to hear your opinions and please comment if you know of any good covers, amateur or otherwise.

Evanescence – My Immortalcover by Jessica Santos

Radiohead – Creep cover by ttekaras

Rascal Flatts/Cascada – What Hurts The Most (Cascada's version is less than satisfying ) cover by Boyce Avenue

Also, their cover of Shadow of the day (as you can tell, I am a Linkin Park fan)

Oasis – Wonderwall cover by ortoPilot

Wouldn't be complete without honorable mentions

And this is A Perfect Circle covering Lovesong and Diary of a madman – I really wish there was a professional recording of these somewhere, it must have been a profound experience to see this live.

Hmm this is really cool, but it worries me that it looks like a pageant? – I think I just realized a great rant post for later writing.
Kansas – Carry on wayward son
cover by A young girl?

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