Standout Cosplay Costumes of Comic-Con 2012


Every year, San Diego is ransacked with people attending Comic-Con and this year was no exception. One of the biggest highlights in addition to convening with your fellow fans, meeting celebrities and attending panels filled with show-runners, is the cosplay. The convention is like no other, welcoming adults and children alike to dress up as their favorite fictional characters in broad daylight. It's like Halloween in summer!

Fans stream into the convention fully adorned in the most eye-catching, often hand-made, costumes and make-up, depicting the most outlandish characters out there. At this year's Comic-Con, there were hoards of visitors replicating characters that ranged anywhere from classic comic book heroes like Batman to internet memes like hipster Disney princesses. No fictitious personality is off bounds at this convention and attendees made sure to cover all grounds. while it's nearly impossible to share every costumed individual that showed up at the con this year, check out some of the most elaborate cosplayers that made it out, below.

Nomad from “Dive Bomber”

Attendees at the San Diego Zombie Walk

Attendee at the San Diego Zombie Walk

Characters from “Skullgirls”

Hipster Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses

Charlotte LaBouff from Disney's “The Princess and the Frog”

Two Batman's and a princess


Canti and Haruko from “FLCL”

The Joker and his gang of misfits

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Characters from “Repo: The Genetic Opera”

Characters from “Kick-Ass”

Merida from Disney's “Brave”

Poison Ivy

Raiden from “Mortal Kombat”

Wonder Woman

Attendee dressed up like a character by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein

Photo credits: Mario Anzuoni (Reuters), Denis Poroy (Invision/AP), Joe Klamar (AFP/GettyImages), David Maung (EPA)
via [Telegraph, Huffington Post, Empire]

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