A Nostalgic Stroll Through Coney Island

The Wonder Wheel

Coney Island is one of the most recognizable places in NYC and the Wonder Wheel is its most famous landmark. I love shooting at Coney, it offers many different shots and angles. You can really find some great textures and colors. THe juxtaposition between the old Side-Show Coney and the newLuna Park is fascinating.

This Way for Rides
As you walk around Coney you really fall in love with the idea that, back in the day, this was the place to go and have a great time. There really is a lot of history here.

Another great thing is that New Yorkers still flock to these beaches. Yes, they have been cleaned up and yes, they are going more mainstream. You still find glass and the assorted remnants of the past all around. But, it still makes for great fun.

The Beach Fun

Then there is Luna Park, which holds the new with the old. It really has changed the way Coney looks and feels. Not that long ago, you would not have seen so many families running around, but now, it is as Disney as ever! I have to admit it is for the better. The businesses are thriving and people are really flocking to the island once more.

The Cyclone

The Swings

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