Congrats to Giveaway #4 Winner, Mark!

Congrats to Mark Huckabee for winning the big grand prize! Your answer to “Tell us who your favorite artist is and why” made us remember why we love art so much and why a place like theMET exists. Also, most importantly, your answer inspires us to explore our own creative side, to find the artist within us and see the art all around us. For those of you who weren’t following the post, here was Mark’s answer. “My favorite artist is …………………………………………………. me. And your favorite artist should be…………………………… you. Why? Because each of us is an artist in our own way. Each of us curates a collection of of our life. This collection is our art. This collection tells others who we are. It speaks for us. It moves others. Art isn’t just something we find on a wall somewhere. Leonardo taught us that engineering and medicine could be art. Anonymous builders taught us that a window can be art. Science has taught us that art can be found in the very large and the very small Banksy taught us that art can be anywhere, even on a wall meant to divide us. and Alice taught us that art can be a website. If you walk into my house you will see art hung on the walls, photos on a table, and objects scattered about that represent different parts of my life. It might be a cool rock I found while caving in Mexico or a photo of my sons rafting the Grand Canyon. It might be a collection of mission patches from my time working on the Space Shuttle. It might be a stack of books on a table waiting for me to read them. Or even a platter of food I’ve made to welcome you. But whatever it is, it is me. It tells you something about who I am. It is a reflection of what is inside me and it creates a small bond between us. That is what art is all about. Be the artist of your life. Be your own favorite artist.” Let’s all congratulate Mark on his win!

January 16, 2017

Lifelike Paper Birds Adorn Oversized Stamps of Countries Around the World

Using simple, everyday materials, artist Diana Beltran Herrera crafts creatures that are full of life. She transforms paper, wire, and wood into realistic birds whose detailing is nothing short of incredible. The meticulous paper art features individually cut and scored feathers—mimicking the real thing—that are layered into majestic plumage. Through these rigid and repetitive structures, Herrera still manages to capture the feeling that they could go into flight at any moment.

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January 15, 2017

Storybook Landscape Photos Celebrate the Enchanting Beauty of Iceland

The model-photographer duo Victoria Yore and Terrence Drysdale are always on the move. Together, they’re known for their Follow Me Away project and recently enchanted us with their fairy tale images of Oregon. In the short time since, Yore and Drysdale packed their bags for Iceland to explore what the picturesque country had to offer. Like other Follow Me Away series, every photograph is simultaneously stunning and mystifying. The grandiose settings will take your breath away.

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