Congrats to Giveaway #4 Winner, IanJ!

My apologies for not announcing the winner of giveaway #4 sooner. The lovely teddy bear IanJ wins two books on Creative Inspiration and Execution, Making Ideas Happen and The Selby. Here was IanJ's winning answer to “What or who inspires you…and why?”: Right now there are two major things that truly inspire me. The first being people who are lucky enough to find what it is that makes them happy and then have the courage to pursue it regardless of how stupid it may seem at the time. There is a guy that some of you may remember from a few years ago named Matt Harding who became famous for his videos of him traveling the world doing a stupid little dance. He used want to be a video game designer. When he finally became one he discovered that he wasn't especially good at it and the highlight of his day became doing this silly dance at his friends desk as he waited for him to get done working so they could go to lunch. One day he decided he was missing out on life and decided to quit his job and travel. Someone convinced him to do his trademark dance while being videotaped at various places he traveled and eventually it turned in to this.

It's simple. It's stupid and silly but sometimes the things that make you the most happy end up being that way. I've also recently become increasingly inspired by childrens books; old fairy tales and books like Where the Wild Things Are, Alice in Wonderland, and Dr. Seus. There is a simple and magical way a childs imagination works that's absolutely fascinating to me. I grew up too fast and lost this magical way of seeing the world a long time ago but I remember reading simple little books no longer than 10 pages and being lost for hours in my imagination. I've been trying to reclaim that ability for a while now and have wrote a couple of stories over the past couple of years for the fun of it and have been thinking about publishing one day. I believe one of the worst things that could happen to someone is to forget how to see the magic in the world around them. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Let's all congratulate IanJ! Thanks for all of the wonderful responses. If you didn't win this time, don't worry, there's one last prize pack coming up with all of the remaining prizes! Related: Ready for Some Giveaways?

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