Congrats, Winner of the Tim Burton Prize Pack!

A big congrats to Denise Farinsky from Sacramento, California for being the winner of our Facebook Fan Giveaway of the Tim Burton prize pack! In just 4 days we received over 160 entries, making it our biggest Facebook contest yet! We asked you which Tim Burton story was your favorite and here's what Farinksy said:

“I LOVE Alice in Wonderland and the emotional tie that the Mad Hatter has to Alice.”

(The winner was chosen at random.)

Here's a few comments that we loved, too. (Sorry you didn't win, but we loved your passion-filled entries.)

Ariel Lee: “I loved james and the giant peach as well. I read and fell in love with Roald Dahl's book when and i was young, but Tim Burton managed to make it all real for me ?”

Kathy Black: “Charlie and the Chocolate factory is the most watched of many in our household because my daughter likes to relive all the detail and sees something new each time.”

Chris Foo: “Am i still qualified? anyway, it has to be Edward Scissorhands. Like all the other characters Tim Burton has created, mostly melancholy, Edward is the most ironic yet iconic character of all. The story is simple yet encapsulate a lot of emotions and pure love.”

Arturo Gonzalez: “Batman… yup the first REAL Batman film ever made with the feeling of having Batman on screen!!! (not the ‘eat your vegetables and be a good boy' kind of hero). Even Burton's artistic direction of the film had a great influence on how the next Batman comics would look like.”

Stephanie Quevedo: “just as I explained to my friend… Mr. Burton sees the beauty of what others consider weird, ugly, and dark. He made a zombie beautiful (corpse bride), he made the holiday of Halloween fun, he made cat woman sexier than ever, and gave a confused orphan with scissor hands a heart. He gave the afterlife humor with Beetlejuice, and gave candy-fetish a whole new meaning! He is an amazing man and because of people like him people like me feel a little more accepted every day 🙂

Thanks Mr. Burton, for being a pioneer for the “weird-o” in us all!!”

Liz Jones: ?”Tim Burton” is a common adjective in our home….from the 7 year old while decorating eggs, to my 80 year old mother who falls asleep to the soundtrack of Sweeney Todd. We come from a long line of weird! Tim, you can do no wrong!”

Thanks for playing, everyone. If you didn't win this time, never fear, more giveaways are near…

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