Cool Concept: Strand Craft 122 Super Yacht (7 pics)

This is taking luxury to a whole new level. Strand Craft's latest design, the 122 Super Yacht comes with an integrated garage in the stern that houses its very own supercar. Not much is known about the supercar, but we do know it would be powered by a 880-horsepower V12 engine and reach a top speed of over 230 miles per hour. The yacht is no slouch in the power or speed departments, either. Its twin Rolls-Royce engines coupled to the extra Booster engine put out an impressive 14,000 horsepower combined – enough to push the 122 to speeds of 55 knots (62 mph). The Art Deco interior features four very large staterooms, reception and salon areas, and comfortable crew cabins. 52? LED TVs and Bang Olufson sounds systems are installed in every room.

Strand Craft via luxist

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