Cool Gadget of today: The Chumby. (Hint for the moms reading, father’s day is coming…)

Ok so I feel there's a lack of gadget content on the MET. So today I'm gonna present one of my favorite one (and god knows I'm a gadget freak !!): the Chumby.What's that thing with that funky name ??Well that's an adorable little box, super design and sexy. It's squishy all around and made of leather (different colors) and plastic. No button apparent. The only way to interfere with it is by pressing on its top (equivalent to home button on the iphone/ipod touch) and the touch-screen.But the best part comes from its use. It can pretty much be anything you want it to be:- A digital clock; check this one: and this one : An alarm clock- An mp3 radio streamer.- A facebook / twitter page display- a lava lamp- A weather station- A cam on Shamu- a game console…Check the widgets available here: the BEST (IMO): The Pandora player. I actually purchased it in mocha color just for this purpose. I plugged it on my home stereo and now I play my own Pandora radio stations in CD quality on my stereo. Love it ! It's now my single source of music playing all the time at home, without commercial and thanks to Pandora. (Hope you all know and use Pandora right ???)Well if you want to know more about it check it here: recommended.

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