Cool Graffiti-Inspired Fonts

Everyone here knows I'm a big fan of Banksy and I also like a lot of other street artists – so when I saw this collection of fonts inspired by graffiti I was instantly hooked. PSDeluxe has collected 50 graffiti-inspired fonts from across the web and put them together in one convenient spot. All of the fonts are linked to pages where you can either download them or use a form on the page to directly create your message. Some of them are linked to the artists pages at Deviant Art which allows you to browse other things that they have created as well.Here is the page at PSDeluxe with the links and examples of each font: HERE (if you get a pop-up over the page just click in the upper-right corner to close it)Most of the fonts are freeware and all of them are free for non-commercial use. Have fun!

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