Corno's Art on Display in Dubai (8 paintings)

Small diptych on orange / 4×6, 4×6

With over thirty years of experience, Quebec born artist Corno knows how to create large scale faces that leave the viewer stunned, that awaken an emotion in the viewer and give them an experience. Corno’s gorgeous portrait paintings are created by sweeping brushstrokes of vibrant colored paint. Its with an intensity and determination along with a natural talent that has landed her in the Opera Gallery Dubai where she becomes the first female artist from Canada to have an important solo exhibition in this rich and exotic city.

Exhibiting now till May 15, 2009, the show is titled Corno, New Works. Corno's works are also permanently on display in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Miami, Paris, London, Monaco, Venice, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul and Dubai. By the end of 2009, Corno will have had major one-woman exhibitions in Singapore, Dubai, and London.

With all this success don’t think that Corno is resting. No, in fact, she’s as busy as ever, recently launching a new website and blog where she hopes to connect and inspire other artists. “I get tons of emails every day from young, aspiring artists who see me as a role model. All I want to do now is inspire the new generation. I want to show other artists, through my example, that when you follow your instinct and really believe in yourself, you can have your ‘dream job,’ you can be anything you want.”

Some current work:

Face with Blue Hair on Red / 4×5

Diptych on orange / 5×6, 4×6

Diptych on Orange NYC / 5×6, 4×6

Face on Pink / 5×6

Diptych on Yellow / 4×6, 4×6

Single Blonde / 5×6

Face on Grey / 4×5

We are particularly thrilled to showcase Corno’s work because she is a member of theMET. We’re honored and thrilled that you’re a part of our community. Thank you for joining us here!

Corno, the artist (Photo credit: Marie-Claude Ttreault)

Corno website

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