Haunting 3D Projection of Giant Faces on Trees

Tonight is the last night to see a haunting artwork at Hyde Park South in Sydney, Australia. For the last few weeks, contemporary artist Craig Walsh has been showing Emergence, an amazing projection where the park’s trees come alive as faces emerge from the leaves and branches. Paying homage to the park’s history as a meeting place for civic unrest, protest and direction action, three faces tell interesting stories about civic involvement.

Art & About is Sydney's annual celebration of public art with a month of art installations and exhibitions in public spaces. Though Emergence ends tonight, there’s still over two weeks left to enjoy all of the other artwork scattered around the city.

When Art & About asked their Facebook followers if anyone had seen the projection, here’s what a few people said: “Going to see it this week, looks earie though like the ghosts of people past” and “Walk through every night, the bonus of living a block away, absolutely fantastic.”

Emergence on Art & About Sydney’s website

December 7, 2016

Beautiful Vintage Light Bulbs Feature Luminous Floral Filaments

LED light bulbs are all the rage nowadays, but you can’t beat the timeless beauty of vintage filaments. Between the late 1930s and into the 1970s, the Aerolux Light Corporation produced novelty bulbs with tiny sculptures inside. These decorative filaments take the shapes of flowers and birds which are electrically illuminated in a variety of vibrant colors. To construct these bulbs, Aerolux used low-pressure gas in their filaments—either neon, argon, or both.

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December 6, 2016

Over 25,000 Paper Flowers Transform Room Into Colorful Art Experience

More than 25,000 colorful paper flowers spiral around a 6-meter atrium at the shopping mall of Omotesando in Tokyo. The visually stimulating scene is part of Emmanuelle Moureaux‘s newest installation, Color Mixing. The French-born, Tokyo-based architect created the vibrant work as part of NSK’s 100th anniversary exhibition, Setting the Future in Motion. NSK is a leading manufacturer of bearings, and the artist made good use of their capabilities in her work.

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