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The Crazy Chaos of California

Melbourne natives Dabs and Myla will be exhibiting an exciting new show at Thinkspace gallery in Culver City called The Best of Times starting this Saturday, August 13. Sneak peek preview photos have just been released that reveal what the creative couple has been up to. Dabs is known for his mischievous characters which play nicely against Myla's photorealistic cityscapes.

What is this new series of work about? The duo told Sour Harvest: “The body of work for this show is all about our time here in California. All the paintings are about us! Our life together as a married couple, as artists working together and our experiences in the U.S over the past few years. It's all personal stuff. I'm sure when people look at the paintings they won't understand all the themes, because they are illustrated in an abstract way and some are little personal jokes, but I think you can definitely get the feeling from them that they are about life, love and California!”

Did you pick up on any of those classic California symbols?

Thinkspace Gallery website

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