Creative Experience: Greenville Literacy Association Street Illusions (4pics + video)

Greenville Literacy Association, a group that helps illiterate adult students, are out to promote their “Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book Sale“, a fair where books are sold at a bargain price. And what better way to do that than street illusions!

The concept behind this, created by the Bounce Agency, is for everyday people to feel what illiterate people experience when they successfully decipher a word a day. The “Eureka” moment. I say, that's clever! Get people to know what you do, and get them to come to your book sale. Kill two birds with one stone!

Advertising Agency: Bounce, Greenville, SC, USACreative Director: John McDermottAssociate Creative Director: Stephen ChildressArt Director: Barry GodfreyDesigner: Marlena SigmanDesigner: Melissa NocksTraffic/Production: Kristin PattersonPrinter: TPMPublished: August 2010[via Ypsilon2 and Ads of the World]

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