Creative Joke: Groupon for Groupon

With all the rumors swirling about Google buying Groupon for between $5 to $6 billion (yes, billion), it's nice to see that someone can make a creative joke out of it. Internet marketer John Boyle made a website – – that's a mock listing for Groupon itself. It shows the “fastest growing company ever” going for a cool $3 billion, which looks like one helleva deal if you consider the $1 billion dollar discount. Check out the fine print and highlights for some extra chuckles. Of course, the website is not endorsed by Groupon or Google, it's just one funny joke (and a good one at that). Note: Boyle made the website when the rumor was that Google was buying Groupon for $2.5 billion. Groupon for Groupon via [LA Times]

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