Creative Links of the Week #19

Hello and welcome to another edition of Creative Links of the Week! A few days ago, we decided to finally change up the way we Twitter. That means we're not only sharing the best links from this site, we're also giving some much deserved attention to other sites that we love and respect. Twitter is also where you can drop us a note or tell us how we're doing (only good things of course, kidding!). We'll do our best to answer all of your questions and read all of your suggestions.

We also just passed 35K fans on Facebook! I guess I better find another epic high five photo soon. (See 20K here and 30K here.)

Now, without further are your creative links of the week!

Around the Web:

This is what 1 million + Flickr photos looks like.

Muppet Cake Pops! Too cute to eat?

Did someone say LEGO jello shots?

Talk about a conversation starter.

A hotel where each floor showcases a different concept. Neat.

Sorry Aunt Jemima but there's a new player in town.

Mixel for iPad. Got to try this.

Seems neat but do we need it? Swivl by Satarii.

What a funny way to unveil their latest acquisition. Go Christie's!

Vegetable stress balls. Too cute.

Best of My Modern Met:

This one-year-old wins for best Halloween costume in 2011.

McDonalds, you had me with sundial.

Who knew you could make fine art with food?

The most beautiful lights come on at night.

It's Muppets mania!

Photographers, where do you go to get inspired?

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Photo credit: David Bengston

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